'For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve ...' 

Mark 10:45

Good Hope Lutheran Church has a rich history of being 'little Christs' by serving the community and surrounding neighborhood. 

  • Women of the ELCA

    Our Purpose Statement

    As a community of women created in the image of God, called to discipleship in Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we commit ourselves to grow in faith, affirm our gifts, support one another in our callings, engage in ministry and action, and promote healing and wholeness in the church, the society, and the world.

  • Food Pantry

    During COVID-19, food will be distributed using the following procedure:

    - Call the church office (Monday - Thursday from 9:00 AM to Noon) 

    - Provide your name

    - A pick-up date and time will be agreed

    - The food will be placed near the church entry with your name identified on the box, at which t t     time it can be picked up.

    Anyone is welcome to come.  Limit one per household.

  • Fellowship and Outreach

  • Yee Haw

    This years Vacation Bible School was really incredible ... the western themed 'Yee Haw'.  We all learned that GOD GIVES GOOD GIFTS (Yee Haw) ... like the gift of Jesus' birth, and the gift of forgiveness, and the gift of eternal life. Following church on Sunday, everybody enjoyed some great vittles (lunch), and then a petting zoo (where the children saw, and were able to get close to the type of animals that were near Jesus when he was born), then everybody (children and adults alike) enjoyed pony and horse rides.  Everybody had a wonderful time, and we all made some new friends.  Check out our website for more pictures.  See you next year!