If you're looking for a place to worship and experience Jesus Christ ... not just on Sunday, but every day ... check us out!

You're invited to worship with us on Sunday at 10:00 am (traditional Lutheran worship), or virtually anytime (check out the worship service under the 'Worship Resources' tab.) 

Take a few minutes to look around and get a feel for the mission of Good Hope ... see how we serve others as Jesus served

our Community

We are a community of faith dedicated to experiencing the love of Jesus Christ through worship, word, and service.


We are people of God shaped by Jesus Christ and transformed by the Holy Spirit into a community for others

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what we believe

  • God created us and loves us all ... ALL of us ... irrespective of gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, wealth, or status ... we are all children of God ... and ALL are welcome to join us in worship and praise  
  • We are saved by grace through faith, and Jesus did this for us on the cross
  • The Holy Spirit is our comforter who walks with us and and brings us to newness of life everyday
  • Through Word, and the Sacraments of Baptism and Communion, God makes his presence known to us and blesses us with the gift of life
  • As followers of Jesus Christ, all of us are call to be God's presence in the world

Open table

We celebrate open communion during worship every week ... you don't need to be a member of Good Hope, be Lutheran, or have any church affiliation to receive communion.  The Lord Jesus Christ invites you to his table, and all who wish to receive the power and blessing of communion are welcome.

what we teach

  • The bible is the inspired Word of God which reveals God's truth
  • All people are broken and sinful, but we are saved by grace through faith in Jesus
  • The church isn't a building ... it is God's people in fellowship and taking that fellowship into the world
  • All are welcome to worship with us


All children of God can receive the gift of Baptism ... at Good Hope, we baptize people of all ages.  Contact the church office for more information.