deacon's desk

Welcome to Good Hope!

There’s and old saying … ‘progress is the sound of heavy breathing.’  It means that it takes a lot of work from a lot of people to move things in a positive direction.   Think of it this way, whenever we’ve tackled a big project, or if it’s just the normal routine things that need to be done, like cleaning the bathrooms … when we put our ‘all’ into it to get the job done, it can leave us feeling tired and exhausted and breathing a little heavy.  Moving forward, even when there’s uncertainty, is hard work.  But that’s what it means to work in the kingdom of God. 

And even though we are doing our part to stop the spread of

COVID-19 by suspending all gathering activities at church, the work doesn’t stop.  We've adjusted our ministry during this time when we're staying home and staying safe.  You can read the Sunday gospel lessons, read sermon summaries and meditations, download prayers, and stay informed and inspired with the Daily Minute videos that are posted every day.  And even though we will not gather together in person on Easter Sunday, we can be reminded that our Easter has already happened ... Jesus has already put death to death!  He's already given us life through his life, death, and resurrection!  

We will gather together again with it's safe to do so, but until then, know that God loves you no matter what!

God bless you, and see you on Sunday (soon)!

Deacon Keith