deacon's desk

Welcome to Good Hope!

Our theme for this summer is summer sanctuary, and during our time together, our worship will be a little bit more relaxed … a little less formal (no robes or vestments) … a little shorter … and a time when we come into this space to find the presence of God, and to find comfort and shelter … to find a place of refuge and protection as we are cradled in God’s hands … a place where God grants us shelter and keeps us from harm … a sanctuary for him. 

Our worship time will focus on resting in the presence of God, and just thinking about the stuff of God … and it offers us a time to reflect and connect … to think about, and pay attention to, all things that are happening in our world … and how God is calling us to become involved … and how he calling us to be a living sanctuary.

I invite you to see what this season is all about by joining us on Sunday morning (10:30 am for traditional Lutheran worship ) or on Sunday evening (6:00 pm for 30 minutes of readings, prayer, and communion.)

Experience God's love in practice.

God bless you, and see you on Sunday!

Deacon Keith