deacon's desk

Welcome to Good Hope!

Have you noticed that the sun is setting a lot earlier in the evening these days?  A little daylight, less and less each day ... just a few minutes each day, and now that autumn has officially arrived, the days really are getting shorter. 

And, add all the activities that keep our children and grandchildren busy … practices, homework, meetings, concerts, sporting events, parent teacher conferences, and all the other commitments … well, things can seem somewhat overwhelming.  We can become fatigued, and tired, and out of breath.

Sometimes, our spiritual lives can seem that way too.  With all the other stuff going on in our lives, we can become fatigued, and tired, and seem out of breath.  And sometimes, the first thing that gets set aside to make time for all of our activities is our devotional time.  And although it might be just a few minutes each day … little by little, before we know it, reading our devotionals and studying our bible becomes the exception rather than the rule.

So, as the daylight continues to shine less and less each day, pick up your bible and read it (try one of the short letters in the New Testament), or catch up on your daily devotional readings, or plan to attend the Monday evening bible study (we’re reading Romans right now), or join me for our fall bible study (beginning on October 17th), or find some other way to carve out some time for the scriptures, because when we do that, we have the promise that we’ll become energized, refreshed, and renewed.

God bless you, and see you on Sunday!

Deacon Keith