deacon's desk

Welcome to Good Hope!

Alleluia Christ is Risen! Yes, he has risen indeed!

Easter day was a wonderful day ... a day when we heard the incredible gospel story of the women walking to Jesus' tomb that day so long ago, of the stone that had once closed the door to the tomb, now rolled away from the entrance, and of a tomb that was empty.  It was indeed a wonderful day!

And even thought we are still in the Easter season in the church calendar ... for many Easter has already passed.  So now what? When we view Easter as just a single day in the calendar, I fear we miss the true meaning of Christ's resurrection, because the truth is that the tomb has been empty every day since that first Easter morning.  And the truth is that for all who trust and believe, your resurrection day awaits you!  Now that's something that is indeed worthy of praise and thanks! 

I invite you to see what this season is all about by joining us on Sunday morning (10:30 am for traditional Lutheran worship ) or on Sunday evening (6:00 pm for 30 minutes of readings, prayer, and communion.)

Experience God's love in practice.

God bless you, and see you on Sunday!

Deacon Keith